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  • Theresa McHughes

    "I am a beauty blogger and someone told me about this subscription, so I gave it a shot not knowing anything about the brand. Totally worth every penny and more because I could never find pieces like this on my own. THIS is where you need to put your money, ladies!"

    Theresa McHughes: Providence, Rhode Island
  • "I feel like I got 4x my money's worth at least with this box of jewelry. She picked out everything I LOVE - I don't know how she does it!"

    Julia Brownstein: New York, NY
  • Kristen Williams

    "Totally blown away by everything I got in this box... I'm just amazed...I took a leap of faith, never having done a subscription before, now I can't wait for my next one to come!"

    Kristen Williams: Chicago, IL
  • Emma Warner

    I was gifted this subscription and was totally surprised because I've never seen anything like it! This is the kind of jewelry I've always wanted but didn't know where to get it #OBSESSED.

    Emma Warner: Modesto, CA
  • Best subscription ever

    Sara Caldwell: Rochester, NY

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